Creation of Bretagne Pack

Bretagne Pack is a French company, located in Brittany, founded by Dominique and Françoise Le Nan in 2022.

A pioneer in France in the manufacture of natural fiber packaging, our nets are made from cellulose. They are therefore ecological, biodegradable and, of course, 100% France made!

With a strong desire to respect the environment and local production, we select our raw materials with care. We want to contribute sustainably to the reduction of plastics in the ocean, and this also involves our daily consumption!

Made from cellulose, our Bretagne Pack fruit and vegetables’ nets are biodegradable, and therefore compostable. Once the consumer bought his garlics, onions, shallots, lemons, oranges, etc., he can recycle the packaging directly in his compost bin and leave no waste behind.

With 18 years of experience as CEO of Saveurs du Léon (net food conditioning company), Dominique Le Nan has a perfect knowledge of the industry and will be able to answer the needs of customers.

Production capacity: 38400 km / year or 38400 coils of 1000 linear meter

loi agec bretagne pack filet emballage fruit legume entreprise filets cellulose biodégradable

Complies with the AGEC law

biodegradable bretagne pack filet emballage fruit legume entreprise cellulose


sans plastique bretagne pack filet emballage fruit legume entreprise

None plastic

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Certified food contact

What is cellulose?

But yes, what is cellulose? Why is cellulose good for the environment? Cellulose is a natural material produced by plants. It is a material used for many productions such as paper pulp, heating but also packaging nets (like those of Bretagne Pack!). In France, Bretagne Pack is the first company to create nets from vegetable cellulose. The future of the planet and the reduction of plastic is our priority.

The nets of the future

Bretagne Pack is only in its early stages and we are already thinking about ever greener production!

Our objective ? To produce nets from flax cellulose, a material which is less polluting and leaves less waste than other plants. This is why, we wish to supply ourselves with linen thank to Bretagne Lin.

In addition to the ecological aspect of the material, the linen will come from local production. The fields will be located within a perimeter of less than 20km from the company’s premises.

Fleurs de lin - Bretagne Pack

Bretagne Pack

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